I'm Paige Dagnan. I chose the name South Sky because I was born and raised in Charleston, SC. I wanted something that I could carry with me across the country and around the world that reminded me of where I started my journey.

Alzheimer's runs in my family. There is a chance that when I'm older I will inherit it too. I never want to forget a moment, but should that ever happen I'll have a million photos to tell an incredible story! Photography has always been a passion for me to hold onto the moments I love so dear and a chance for me to share the beauty I see in other people and the things around me with the world. I never want to take advantage of life's blessings. I want to capture and share those moments to remind people how beautiful life really is.

I shoot everything from Automotive to Weddings, but I absolutely love shooting portraits, preferably those involving water! Capturing someone in their raw moment of happiness or even awkwardness is just beautiful to me. It also gives me a chance to meet new people and hear their stories!

I would love to work with you and share your story! Please contact me if you're ready to capture that beautiful moment!