If interested in applying for a shoot please send an e-mail titled with the name of the shoot as the subject line with a headshot and body shot to: [email protected]. Please include a little about yourself and why you think you would be a good fit! I would love to work with new individuals but if we have worked together in the past please feel free to submit an application!

If the status of the shoot says OPEN that means it is still available. Once it has been changed to CLOSED you can no longer apply and any e-mails sent requesting the same or similar test shoots will be ignored.

I am always happy to collaborate with H/MUA. If you see a shoot that you're interested in please feel free to message me.


*All shoots are test shoots. All participants will receive 5 images for FREE. Any remaining images will be available for purchase. All participants will sign a full release waiver.*

Name: Couples Therapy
Status: OPEN
Model: MALE and FEMALE
Dress Code: Men are asked to wear solid athletic bottoms. Women are asked to wear solid athletic top and bottoms. Attire color will vary on what both individuals own.
Requirements: Must be experienced in yoga and be able to hold poses. Must be knowledgeable flowing with a partner and comfortable working with the opposite gender.
Details: We will shoot on Folly beach early morning (sunrise) one weekend.

Name: Save the Last Dance
Status: OPEN
Model: MALE and FEMALE (of different ethnicities.)
Dress Code: Basic dancewear of neutral colors. Ladies can wear a dress depending on the length.
Requirements: Both individuals must be experienced ballet dancers. Both individuals must be comfortable working with the opposite gender.
Details: We will start the shoot downtown Charleston and finish on a secluded back road/wooded area.


Name: Poseidon (God of the Sea)
Status: OPEN
Model: MALE
Dress Code: Short black shorts or briefs
Requirements: Must be comfortable being near horses and sitting on the back of one comfortably.
Details: You will be playing the role as Poseidon. We will shoot at a beach that allows horses (so there may be travel required to Edisto or Myrtle Beach). I am looking for someone who is comfortable with their body and willing to be artist in the water, on the beach, laying on the horse's back, etc. Would prefer someone who is fit and muscular.

Name: Icarus
Status: CLOSED
Model: FEMALE (preferably with long hair)
Dress Code: Pale dress/implied nudity (no full frontal. Only back and side)
Requirements: Must be comfortable with hot candle wax and being nude.
Details: Shooting in a field and on a beach you will take on the role of Icarus. This role does require you to be nude with hot candle wax on your back and arms.

Name: Fenrir and Tyr (Fenrir is a son of Loki and destined to kill Odin.)
Status: OPEN
Model: FEMALES (One must have dark hair and the other light).
Dress Code: Nude bodysuit and or red two piece.
Requirements: Must know Shibari or be an aerialist.
Details: We will shoot in the woods or a field if you have your own rig to string up "Fenrir" in a red chord. Other shots will be taken on the ground with the model posing as Tyr.

Name: Antheia (Goddess of Gardens, Flowers)
Status: OPEN
Dress Code: Long pastel dress
Requirements: N/a
Details: We will shoot in a garden with multiple bouquets.

Name: Ares (God of War)
Status: OPEN
Model: MALE
Dress Code: Fitted black pants. Black and red paint.
Requirements: Must be comfortable getting a little messy and showing your emotions. Ares is violent and untamed. You must be able to express strong emotions for this shoot.
Details: TBA

Name: Zeus (King of the Gods)
Status: OPEN
Model: MALE
Dress Code: No shirt.
Requirements: Must be comfortable being in front of the camera.
Details: We will shoot in a field on a stormy/cloudy day.